Friday, June 01, 2007

Did you know AA alkaline batteries could explode?

I'm sitting in the living room and BLAM! like a shotgun blast. I walk into the kitchen and the clock is laying on the floor, one half of an AA battery lying next to it. On the wall—five feet away!—there's a splatter of some battery-related gunk. On the counter—several feet in the other direction—there's some kind of wadded-up, gunky something-or-other.

You may have heard that laptop and cell phone batteries can explode (see here, here, and, for video, here), and this seems to be a concern for rechargeable batteries in general. But plain alkaline AAs? Who knew?

Having now seen what the humble AA can do, I'm going to rethink holding my laptop on my lap and/or keeping my cell phone in my pants pocket.


theunbeatablekid said...

oh, dude. batteries expode. there was a whole thing about batteries and airline security that got overlooked in favor of the dangers of breast milk.

theunbeatablekid said...

ok, maybe that's the wrong link. somewhere else I was reading about regular batteries being a nessessary part of the liquid explosives craze. I've had some AAs explode in my car.

Chris said...

Maybe you're thinking of this? "Terrorists could possibly detonate the homemade liquid explosives without the need for a blasting cap by introducing a simple electric circuit, employing a 9-volt battery or the battery pack from a laptop computer."

That's a bit different from what I'm describing (and what, I assume, you experienced): my batteries spontaneously exploded, all by themselves. And that weren't even particularly warm.