Saturday, October 21, 2006

"Go Fuck Yourself" is the new "Is The New"

If you read the light news in New York, you must have come across this obnoxious phrase. As in: "South Bronx is the new Williamsburg" and "Tuesday is the new Thursday." Today, the New York Times brings us "40 is the new 30." The units are dollars; the product is entrees; the construction is, like, so over.

"Is the new" rests on the following unacceptable pretensions: (a) some class of people who are relevant to your life are sick of "the old" whatever; (b) the whole world is hungry for "the new" one. But guess what? I hate Williamsburg and I don't need a new one; Thursday is just fine---a little better than Tuesday, actually; and if I can afford a restaurant that charges me thirty or forty bucks for an entree, I should just shut the fuck up and stop complaining.

[UPDATE] It's the "Quotation of the Day"! I think the New York Times editors are trying to incite a Communist revolution (reliable leftists that they are).

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