Saturday, August 19, 2006

20:12 IST, 19 August 2006

There's this project on Flickr to have lots of people submit photos they took at exactly 2:42pm GMT, 19 August 2006. At the appointed hour (as ajudged by my insanely accurate timepiece), Carolyn and I were stuck in traffic coming back from Koramangala. I'm not sure what the exact rules are wrt sub-minute accuracy and what-not, but I now have three candidate pictures for submission. Let's take a vote!

The auto driver next to us (not our auto driver!), who thought we were two completely insane tourists:
20:12 IST (Auto driver)

Carloyn, centered and washed out by the flash, with a hint of another auto driver giving us the skunk eye:
20:12 IST (Carolyn)

Carolyn, off-kilter and trying to simultaneously take a picture of me:
20:12 IST (Carolyn, reflexivity)

Vote in comments.

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Anonymous said...

I vote for #2, with some photoshopping to make the rickshaw driver behind Carolyn more visible.