Monday, July 17, 2006

Air Deccan: Unacceptable

The cancelled our first outgoing flight, then they rescheduled our make-up flight. So we set out about eight hours later than we had planned. Then they delayed our return flight. Twice. By a total of about six and a half hours*.

In fairness, in every case we were informed of the change before we had left for the airport** (by SMS, to boot). And the flights themselves were not as unpleasant as I had been led to expect. I saw no rats on board, for example. And I did not have to throw any elbows to secure an unreserved seat.

Still, I shan't be flying them again.

* Here's customer service for you: our flight was delayed so much that it took off after the next Air Deccan flight to Bangalore. Which we were not informed existed, much less offered a seat on.

** If H and I had spend 8 hours in the Bangalore airport, at least one of us would be dead. For sure.


Tobi K said...

You have so far dissed
* Busses
* Trains
* Plains

... which leaves you with

* rickshaws... no wait, you dissed those, too
* bullock-carts
* your own feet
* stationary immobility


Tobi K said...


darn... must be my transliteration system typing here